(WARNING this will INSPIRE) Do what you HAVE to do

(WARNING this will INSPIRE) Do what you HAVE to do

What’s up yo? Get your questions answered and your answers questioned. I want to remind us all, and I know you know this but I’m going to remind you anyway, that there are trillion dollar industries set up for you to believe that you’re not good enough. There are industries set up that are all laying on top of each other, that are set up for us to continue to be zombies, for us to believe the hype, to believe that certain systems have our best interest at heart.

I’m not saying that any one industry or any one person is all good or all bad but I am saying that you get to question everything. I am saying that we get to take another look because there are ways in which, let’s just take for example, the food that is given to most children on the planet, especially in the United States at recess and at lunch. The things we call healthy. What does that do to a child’s brain and development? Does it make them smarter? Does it make them more intelligent or does it make them lethargic? Does it make them aggressive? Hmm. What’s in play there?

Let’s look at the industries connected to it like, let’s say Big Farm. They don’t make any money off of labeling kids ADHD and DDD and every other D they can fine. No, no, no. They have nothing to do with that. The food industry and the pharmaceutical industry definitely aren’t playing together. Question everything. Just question everything because once you know you can’t un-know. There are things, I’m trying to think of an example, it’s like the first time you ride a bike. Once you have the experience your paradigm is forever shattered.

You can never go back because you know what’s possible and some of us on our planet, and I’m not saying that I’m some guru or anything of that nature, but some of us have woken up to that thing and a lot of people have not. Those who have woken up to it have to figure out a way to wake and support the rest of us waking up, not because we’re better but because we woke up first. Look around your life. Is the deodorant you use with the mercury in it, is that helping? Is the make up you put on your face, is that supportive? Or are those chemicals actually killing you slowly?

Are those the reasons why you’re losing your thyroid and things of that nature? Just take another look. Is the chemotherapy actually helping or was there a cure for cancer years ago? Just take another look. I love you. Blessings and blessings from Bali.

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