It’s OK to not be ok

It's OK to not be ok

Trying to get rid of the pain only magnifies it. Guys, it is okay not to be okay. One of the things that I want to nail home for all of us is that we live in a society where we try to hurry up and fix things. We try to hurry up and get out of things and that works in many places. It’s great that our reptilian brain fixes things and creates buildings and cars and all of these things but it does not work when it comes to personal development. It does not work when it comes to healing your life and living life at a 10.

Now, take this ride with me for a second. Imagine and I know you’ll never probably ever have this happen but just go there with me. Imagine that you’re stuck in quick sand and there’s no trees, no ropes, nobody there to come and save you. What do you do? Most humans, myself included before I really got what I’m explaining, will try to struggle their way out. “Help, let me out of here. I’m dying.” The thing about quick sand is that the more you struggle the further you go down. The more you try to fight your way out the further you sink.

In life it can feel like this. It can feel like everything is stacking on top of itself. It can feel, “Oh, I didn’t pay the bills and now my such and such left me and my boss is up my butt and the dadadadadada.” I feel you, I get it, such is life. Thing about quick sand is that you can’t get out of quick sand. The only way to get out of quick sand is to relax, spread ego and roll yourself out.

Now, think about this for your life. The only way out is in, is through, but many of us when we have an issue try to hurry up and get out. Just like that quick sand I’m going to need you to relax, to surrender, to accept what is. It’s okay to not be okay. You get to feel all of it and be with all of it you all. Now, understand that I’m not saying that you get to just say, “Well, I’m screwed. Preston said I could say I’m screwed.”

No, it’s not that. It’s choosing from the embodied acceptance of what you created as opposed to choosing from resistance. “I need to get my way out because everyone else has screwed me over. Life has screwed me over and now I need to climb my way out.” That’s a whole different ball game from acceptance, from surrender. I created this, I’m the Picasso of my life. If I painted that picture, I can now paint that one. Before you paint that one I’m asking you, I’m challenging you, to surrender to this one. That’s where the magic is.

Blessings and blessings. I love you so much. If you are new to the #LovesVoice family go ahead and click ‘subscribe’ if you’re on YouTube. If you’re on Facebook or YouTube share this message, leave a comment and just understand that I love the crap out of you. It’s going down in a beautiful major way.

If you can respond, if you can have your wits about you when hell is crashing all around you, then that’s a powerful place to be in.

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